Counselling services

Counselling services are rendered to induvial and families in stress due to various situations like sudden loss of family members, chronic medical conditions, broken families, suicidal thoughts, loss of jobs, addictions and depression.

COVID 19 Relief programme

COVID 19 created a big impact in the normal lives of the people. Several relief programmes were taken up for supporting the frontline workers and for the poor people who could not continue their jobs in the pandemic situation. The frontline workers are provided with Health and Hygiene kits. Grocery kits are provided to sustain poor families and migrant labourers. Masks are produced and supplied for the public. Basic needs like food and clothing are provided to the homeless. Health education drives are taken to promote hygiene, hand washing, nutrition and social distancing as a continuous process.

Educational support

Scholarship programme is implemented for supporting poor and needy children and youth for school and collegiate education. Preference in Scholarship is provided for orphans, single parented, sickly parents, school drop outs, economically backward and those living in difficult and stressful family situations. Material supplies are provided to encourage and support education like school bags, tiffin boxes, water bottles, Umbrella’s and stationary kits.

Elderly support

Elderly support is provided for old aged people’s sustenance who are economically weak, neglected by the family and for those who are sick.

Health care training

Primary health care training in provided for social workers serving in remote villages focusing on First Aid, Health promotion and disease prevention.

Homeless people support

Homeless people are supported to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

House/Toilet construction for widows

Supportless widows are supported in construction of House to provide a safe shelter and Toilets are constructed to discourage open air defecation and safety.

Medical support

Support for medical treatment is provided for individuals in crisis situation to cope up with the unexpected medical interventions for emergency sickness, accidents, chronic medical conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS and renal failure and other major health issues.

Support for widows

Widows are supported for their sustenance and supports are provided to place them in jobs and also to attain a secure and socially just living environment.

Support for physically/mentally challenged

Physically/ Mentally challenged individuals are supported for their medical needs and equipment’s, sustenance and to promote a safe living environment.

Support for poor families

Poor families are supported for the sustenance and initiatives are taken to self-sustain them through skill development and engaging them in sustainable activities.

Livelihood programmes

Livelihood programmes like trolly shops, sewing units are provided to help the poor and needy families to sustain their economic status.