Welcome To Shepherd’s Shadow Charitable Trust


Shepherd’s Shadow Charitable Trust is dedicated to uplift and encourage the poor, needy, marginalized, economically backward, isolated and rejected people of our Society. It strives to motivate and rebuild the broken, lost and aching individuals to face life with hope, confidence and self-esteem.


To stand with the people in poverty, sickness, struggles and help them to move towards a socially dignified, self-sustained and secured living condition.


  • To conduct sponsorship programme for the needy children, widow and helpless old age
  • To establish and maintain old age homes and day care centers
  • To organize and conduct counselling centers and programmes for stress management/addiction/depression
  • To establish and maintain mobile health units in backward and tribal areas
  • To establish and provide academic school and professional education in unreached areas.

Welcome To Shepherd’s Shadow Charitable Trust

Shepherd’s Shadow Charitable Trust is a Public Charitable organization started on 5th January 2014 to support the poor, needy, sick, isolated and condemned in this society irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It is a humanitarian organization to give hope to the people is difficult situations by supporting them in the aspects of education and social.

Legal status of the organization: Shepherd’s Shadow Charitable Trust is registered under the section 12AA & 80G of the Income Tax act and FCRA


Board of Trustees

If interested to join hands in this humanitarian service, kindly contact.

Our Services

Elderly support

Elderly support is provided for old aged people’s sustenance who are economically weak, neglected by the family and for those who are sick.

Support for Widows

Widows are supported for their sustenance and supports are provided to place them in jobs and also to attain a secure and socially just living environment.

Counselling services

Counselling services are rendered to induvial and families in stress due to various situations like sudden loss of family members, chronic medical conditions, broken families, suicidal thoughts, loss of jobs, addictions and depression.

Livelihood programmes

Livelihood programmes like trolly shops, sewing units are provided to help the poor and needy families to sustain their economic status.

Our Recent Works